Organization’s achievements over the past two decades

Over the years Adarsh has successfully been able to transform the lives of thousands of people by addressing issues of livelihood, health and education in the broad manner. Adarsh believes that to break the vicious circle of poverty it is imperative to have a multipronged and integrated approach towards enhancing the livelihood capabilities.

In the process, the poor must be enabled to break free from their past, develop an alternative vision of their future and set achievable goals. They must be equipped with the technical, organizational, negotiating, and networking skills that will facilitate the fulfillment of their goals.

Education is one of the building blocks of any nation. Adarsh recognizes the importance and relevance of education. With the aim of having 'every child in 'school and learning' its interventions are aimed at strengthening and ensuring the quality of education that children receive. The organization also recognizes its responsibility to spread financial literacy and supports projects that aim at inculcating the same amongst members of society.

Adarsh also believes in taking responsibility for the effects of its operations in society and on the environment. It regards climate change, migration and environmental improvements as essential elements of a sustainable development. By integrating the programme, the organization has focused on building capacities, providing opportunities and helping the rural communities to be the master of their own destiny. Adarsh emphasizes on people’s participation at every level. The graph below gives broad view of the activities which have benefitted the rural masses. 


Benefits to the Rural Masses

Activities which have benefited the rural masses:

Skill Training (Vocational) Programme - Male 250
Skill Training (Vocational) Programme - Female 600
Livelihood from Goatry - 400
Land Developing - 100
Swatch Bharat Mission(Sanitation) - 1400
Women empowerment  - 18000
Plantation - 8000
SHGs formation - 800 SHGs
Credit Linkage - 700 SHGs
Child Education - 4500
Medical Camp - 4000
Demo Farming - 500
Gram Shree Mela - 14
Well Deepening  - 30
Shiksha Mitra Kendra - 30
Base line Survey - 16000
Asha Kiran Centre (12) - 500 children 

Head Office
Adarsh Shiksha Samiti
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Regional Office
Adarsh Shiksha Samiti
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Branch Office
Adarsh Shiksha Samiti, Near Bus stand, Pipalkhunt
Dist. Pratapgadh , Rajasthan (India)

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