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Training & Development of women

Women Empowerment:

Women Empowerment by Self Help Group:

SHGs are small informal associations created for the purpose of enabling members to reap economic benefit out of mutual help, solidarity, and joint responsibility. The benefits Include mobilization of savings and credit facilities and pursuit of group enterprise activities. The group-based approach not only enables the poor to accumulate capital by way of small savings but also helps them to get access to formal credit facilities. These women’s groups by way of joint liability enable the poor women to overcome the problem of collateral security and thus free them from the clutches of moneylenders. The joint liability not only improves group members’ accessibility to credit, but also creates mechanisms like peer monitoring leading to better loan recoveries. In general, women SHGs created on the above lines of functioning have been able to reach the poor effectively, especially women and help them obtain easy access to facilities like savings and credit and empower them.

Matrix for Analysing Impact on Empowerment

Type of Indicator

The level at which impact on empowerment may be assessed


increase in savings, in income, and  in assets repayment rates & repeat loans skill development


increase in self-confidence Change in attitude to women’s role Improvement in communication skills and in social outlook


increase in participation and in the political process Removal of legal discrimination against women

SHGs have not only produced tangible assets and improved the living conditions of their members but also helped in changing much of their social outlook and attitudes. The group dynamics have reasonably helped many members to overcome the feeling of low self-esteem and lack of confidence and empowered them psychologically.

The women are back ward in many aspects of their lives. They do not have proper economies independence. They have to depend on their male Supporters in respect to fill their needs.

Gradually the conditions of the support less women are becoming worse. So there is every need for them to have sustainable income sources.      

The present scenario drew our attention to work with them & to create awareness in the community about their situation, causes for their poverty and how to over came out of it. So during the year we have supported them through organized  themselves into self help groups & capacity building for creation  of sustainable  able livelihood opportunities through  bank linkage, making micro credit facilities available to women  SHG so that they may start their micro- enterprises and raise their income levels.

In the direction of women empowerment, the women Self Half Groups Organization & strengthened them through capacity building programs activates were started by ADARSH in the year 2002 with a strength of 384 rural poor women organized into 32 SHGs. The momentum was picked up in the year 2005 by formation of 120 SHGs. Further the collaboration with NABARD & SJSRY schemes. The strength of SHGs has catapulted to present multidimensional growth by registering phenomenal increase in the projected strength of the 4460 women organized into 380 SHG’s by 2011 year. This could be possible through. The credibility of women with Adarsh and our multidimensional outreach operational work in the rural remote tribal villages. As per our estimation. The annual growth of SHG’s by the end of 2012-2013 would be touching an attractive figure of 6360 women organized into 530 self help groups.

Through organization of rural poor women in to productive self help groups, we help to.

  • Unite the people & strengthened to satisfy common needs or goals on the basis of cooperation.
  • Develop the confidence for self help and mutual help to meet the well defined objectives of the grouts.
  • Inspire the small saving habits and fulfill their emergency incident and planned needs.
  • Prevent exploitation of local money lender through availability of the micro credit.
  • Bring up the status of living respectively the health, education and other fundamental needs of the family.
  • Reduce the density of discriminated behavior and secure the respectable palace of women member in the family and society. It assures the active or creative participation towards main stream of Nation’s development through our cooperative efforts.
  • Democratic management system of SHG helps in capacity building and positive vision and productive attitude among the members of group. It is the efforts of mainstreaming gender through micro finance.
  • Awareness building for regularizes the income sources have helped in poverty alleviation and improved their living standard with significant level of self confidence.
  • Our Organization has developed the vision and decision making capacity of productive and calculative risk among the members of the SHG. So now this weaker section of society became able to determine their own terms and conditions to manage the group activities, common fund on mutual consent and manage it in a sustainable manner.

Capacity Building training and Income Generating Activates: After successfully organized the trainings and build up their capacity under different kind of rural microenterprises we have distributed tool kits to SHG members. It was just an assistance to engage them in income generating activities. Now all of them are self sustained.

Bank Credit Linkages:

The accounting system is clear in all our organized groups. Even in the part of the groups ready to give transparency and build up mutual faith. Due to strong mutual trust the members have no fear for their savings as well as security against lending by others. The opinion of member against the security of loaning in the groups found positive it show the high level of mutual trust and honesty of an individual. Due to inter lending  groups activity the members of the SHG became free  from the exploitation of money lenders and got back ownership on their assets of against loan.

Most of the group managed SHG activates and responsibility internally in democratic manner. The members have a wisdom to mge as handle well deposit and borrow matter in the group generally members did not  agreed easily  to carry the responsibility as president and secretary due to time wastage , collection of  installment   of saving from the members, maintain the record  and assure the recovery of loan lent by the members of group. It became possible with regular & meaning full meeting and clear understanding with them as well as better cooperation of Bank Sectors and

other related agencies.

The bank and other stakeholders are also having faith in our SHG system due timely recovery and maintenance of records. Our long term efforts in the direction of women empowerment through SHG formation & their economic uplift met through bank credit linkage are now in continuous process also. Although the socio-religious & cultural forces play significant role in this development process. But they can’t survive well in defined manner because of low will power or uncertain will.  We have understand first the women empowerment means is to be able to  build up the self  confidence level to deal their matter concern with economic status, take decision with freedom and wisdom. So that they could play their role actively in the society and the main streaming of the nation. In future direction our efforts will also reflect the socio-humanitarian situation of women in the man dominate society. 

SHPI Programme:

 Adarsh undertook the Self-Help Promoting Institutions (SHPIs) supported by the NABARD due to the urge to help the underprivileged people of society. The key objective was to provide various financial services, empower people socially and support them in accessing various government programmes and incentives. In order to solve the economic and social problems of the poor and particularly that of women in the villages, Adarsh formed 64 SHGs to support microfinance programmes as a key instrument of empowerment and alleviation of poverty.

ICICI – SHPI Programme:

The Organization has also worked in collaboration with ICICI bank under SHPI initiative and microfinance such program aimed to help the women SHGs rise out of poverty by providing access to credit for low income groups that have traditionally been excluded from financial markets and thereby allowing the poor to expand and diversify their economic activity, increase their incomes, and improve their self confidence.

  Work with Garmin Vikas Trust:

We are also working with GVT Banswara. Under this program we are organizing poor women into productive self help groups for better livelihood opportunities we have      organized trainings to all formed SHGs on their roles and responsibilities.

The training has been imparted skills in leadership development and management of the groups under this task we have also carried out some other activities like bank credit Linkage and loaning for existed SHGs.

Income Generation Activities under SJSRY:

As previous year Adarsh Shiksha Samiti this year also working with the BPL families of the urban population of Salumber and found make saving groups under SJSRY The members from these saving groups were selected for vocational trainings with the help of municipal board, Salumber and we have started a intensive training programme for them These type of training programme generated income of the BPL families. Number of members of these groups availed short term and long term loans for the purpose of tailoring centres, Grocery Shops, Readymade garments, milk vending etc.

Micro Finance Help Life Living Plan:

The starting of (micro finance ) MFI has been inspired by the Axis services of development of Udaipur for public committees living life of rural people in 2008 Salumber by Adarsh shikshasamiti and group of milkmen, grocery businessmen, tea, vegetables, bangle store, auto driver were organized by the help of trained worker in this field. The product business development plan, action plan, and stationary was been planed by the organization with the help of Axis team and Rs.10 lakhs provided by the finance source of Len fund from Bhopal Basics.

Goat rearing based sustainable livelihood enhancement program:

Salumber Block is spread over in about 246 rural villages with covered approx 2.50 lacks population. In Udaipur districts. The Five tribal villages from Three Gram Panchayat are taken for this program. The economy of these villages is primarily agriculture and livestock based and characterized by some of the lowest levels of per capita income and human development in the block. Productivity of goats are poor due to small flocks, none descript population, lack of feed resources, problems of diseases and lack of scientific knowledge of goat farming. Farmers do not have marketing channels for profitable marketing of goats and their products.

Milk and meat products of goats are not prepared in the area due to lack of knowledge and poverty. As some forests resources are available but it not ensures the total availability of fodder for ruminants. In the absence of effective monsoon, erratic rainfall and rocky and hard land cover the crop cultivation is very difficult in the region. Many farmers of the area are not able to meet their subsistence needs in the absence of improved breed of goats and other livestock resources. Temporary and long-term out-migration of the families from rural villages in search of alternative sources of livelihood has become increasingly common in this area. In fact, very less modern agricultural technology has reached the farmers due to absence of effective programs. Goats are often termed as poor man’s cow. In this condition, goat farming with integrated approach (fodder production, demonstration of high yield verities of crops strengthening of goat rearing groups training and capacity building of local community) may give an effective alternate farming system. However, this programme is developed for sustainable food, nutrition and employment security to the people including the community those living below poverty line.

The project was launched in October 2011 in the first the organization have carried out a base line socioeconomic survey and identified as well as selected 200 needier women suffering in the clutches of severe poverty and unemployment. The Criteria adopted for the selection of the beneficiaries was such that we have analyzed their socio economic backward living conditions and their grievances which are caused due to lack of proper income resources at Grass root level. These woman were in touch with the rearing of small ruminants traditionally, but deprived by adoption of improved animal husbandry Practices. So they have showed their interests in  rearing of  improved  breed of  goat with  adoption  of best practices  because it makes  their  income on sustainability .

In the direction of women empowerment, the women Self Half Groups Organization & strengthened them through capacity building programs activates were started during inception of project with a strength of 262 rural poor women organized into 24 SHGs.


The annual SHG Trade fair GRAM SHREE MELA 2012 was held for seventh consecutive year from the 7 to 9 Oct. 2012 at Devgaon and from the 20 to 22 Dec. at managing. The SHGs show cased the different type of products & Items, which are generally used by the communities. Besides these same Indigenous handicrafts, articles were also displayed & sold. The main motto of organizing the fair was to provide the SHGs with an exposure and understanding the customer demands, besides helping them to display and sell their products. Due to lack of proper linkages, marketing opportunities are minimized forcing the economy to operate on a low scale. Therefore organizing this type of fairs, gives ample opportunities to the village artisans and also for SHG women to market their products in more profitable ways besides getting a wider knowledge of the market demands. The organization of this fair also aimed at creating market awareness in the minds of rural artisans and producers on one hand and on the other of make the buyers aware of the products available in their local areas. The fair was inaugurated. By Mr.Nagraj Meena MLA of this constituency. The program was also attended by Shree Mr. Arun Ameta BDO- Panchayat Samiti Salumber, representatives from various agencies & NGOs. The chief & special guest Collector of Udaipur in their speech praised the Adarsh management of fair. He also congratulated the team of Adarsh for the well exhibited articles & products for the best arrangement of stalls & exhibited items. A total of 63 women SHG’s have participated and 79 stalls were allotted to them.  As per estimation Rs. 3.84 lacks income gained by SHG’s through sold of items. As well as 53 women SHG’s have in installed their shops in managing Gram Shree Mela. A total of 2.87 lakhs income gained by SHGs during this fair. The cultural activates & folk dances presented by musical groups of Udaipur. Same community awareness activities were also organized to sensitize the community on women empowerment issues. In this way Adarsh has continuously taking the initiative to help the organized women SHG’s and providing a stage for marketing of their produced articles in GRAM SHREE MELA.

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