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Training & Development of women

Jan Vikas Samiti work towards equality and justice among women through empowering women from the marginalized communities to gear towards the social change by improvement in their lives and livelihood. Jan Vikas Samiti initiated projects and implemented programs for Strengthening, empowering and instilling independency of the exiting Federations and Community Based Organizations in Panchayats in three districts of Uttar Pradesh for Sustainable and Integral development. Women pressure groups have been formed at the panchayat level for collective thinking, reflection and action at micro and macro issues that were predominantly affecting women and their lives.

Over the years, JVS has been trying to create an environment through positive economic and social policies for overall development of women to enable them to realize their full potential to have equal access to participation and decision-making process.  For the collective power of women JVS’ strategies its intervention through formation of Self-Help Groups, Community Based Organizations, Federation etc.  The members of the self-help groups are engaged in small savings and inter loaning for their livelihood enhancement.

Total Number of Self-Help Groups formed:  853
Total members: 10,942
Total number of CBOs: 30
Total Number of Federations: 06
Total number of Savings: 6,83,07,432
TrainingNumber of women trained
Training on Gender Rights, Justice and Equality1430
Training on Protection Against Domestic Violence95
Training on Problem Solving and Decision Making95
Training on Leadership Development115
Training on Entrepreneurship Skills208
Training on Constitutional Rights80
Training on Women’s Health and Safety1311
Training on Financial Management of SHGs382
Training on Communication Skills82
Training on Disability Rights600
Training on local IGA1411
Training on Documentation of IGA112
Training on Management of Women Pressure Groups165
Awareness on social issues through street play15578
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