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Udaipur, Rajasthan

Inclusive Livelihood for Women

JVS promotes and facilitates Inclusive livelihood activities for women through Self-Help Groups. The main focus of this program is to create alternative and sustainable livelihood opportunities for women and persons with disabilities through focused skill training and setting up micro ventures.

The women in the SHGs are exposed to learning opportunities through various training program, exchange activities and exposure programs. Training on entrepreneurship, Marketing, money management, financial literacy, leadership and communication skills are being given to the leaders of these groups to capacitate them for self-dependency to carry out the income generation activities and its management. JVS envisions to achieve this goal by an adaptive strategy i.e. formation of groups, promotion of small savings, capacity development and livelihood generation through initiating small scale business enterprises.  

Livelihood ActivitiesNumber of women involved
Washing Powder Production188
LED Bulbs Assembling69
Nutritional Suppliments Production28
Paper Plates Making30
Bag Making42
Marketing of Sanitary Pad55
Leggings Making & Marketing28
Floor Cleaner Making12
Washroom Cleaner Making12
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