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Creating joyful, empowering education which enhances livelihood options, creating socially and environmentally conscious citizens who are catalysts for change.

Throughout working in the village area Adarsh Shiksha Samiti has realized that illiteracy is the main reason of poverty and backwardness of villages. The root cause of illiteracy is the lack of awareness and information. These groups send their children for goat grazing or do other types of work; hence the children are deprived of mainstream education. The workers of Adarsh went village to village and explained the important of education. By this the villagers realized that illiteracy is a big restriction in the way of progress and they decided to make their children educated by sending them to school.


The Adarsh Shiksha Mandir – Upper Primary School at Seriya Village in Salumber block of Udaipur District was established in year 1989 and It is Hindi medium Co-Education School. 288 students read in the Up to 8th classes in it.

Adarsh Shiksha Mandir has its rental (private) building. The school has total 6 classrooms. The lowest Class is 1 and the highest class in the school is 8th. This school has 3 Male Teachers and 4 Female Teachers. There is Library facility available in this school. The school does not have any playground. Adarsh Shiksha Mandir does not provide any residential facility. The school does not provide any meal facility.


To improve the quality of education, To inculcate aptitude for learning in the student, All round development of the child, To strengthen the teachers and their ability to teach and equip them better, To improve school infrastructure etc

In 1989 Adarsh launched a primary school at Sariya in Salumber namely Adarsh Shiksha Mandir with opening of this school 50 student got the opportunity  of admission in this school. In 2007-08 the strength of student has reached to approximately 178 girls. Similarly it has been seen that enrollment of 198 girls in year 2018-19 which have increased to 230 girls in 2019-20.

In1992 Adarsh established a primary school at Sariya, 9 km away from Slumber. In this way 1994-95 Adarsh established Adarsh Shiksha Mandir Girls’ Primary School for spreading education in Salumber and for increasing the level of girl’s education that is affiliated to Rajasthan education department. The study material was distributed in the financial year 07-08, to 260 students (boys and girls) who are linked with government primary school and poor student get it from the amount of the donation.

Adarsh Shiksha Samiti and Astha Sansthan Udaipur provided a 4 days training on education for women representatives of Panchayat Raj dated  from 4th Sept. to 8th Sept.’ 2008. In this training people got knowledge about play way method of education, development of their interest in education and uses of study material. The way of teaching, pronunciation of language, centre management, calculation and knowledge of Abhilekh Sandharan etc. was the subject of discussion. 43 trainers of Aadarsh shiksha samiti participated in 27 villages. In this training pen, pencil, copy, slate, bag, books was distributed to women representative. The representative of Astha Mr. Sohanlal Meena did the evaluation of first and second grade women representative of Panchayat Raj after 3 month.

Child Development is a program of Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM) to send children back to school. Under Child development program children from vulnerable tribal communities who have never been enrolled to any School or have been dropped out of school, are send back to school after required brushing up. The objective is to facilitate these children’s access to mainstream state funded primary / elementary schools.

Activities: Identify children between 7 to 14 years, never enrolled / dropped out/ laggard in Studies from vulnerable communities. Bring these children to Asha Kiran Center Centre to provide necessary supplemental / non formal education to shore up their learning abilities.  Counsel and encourage the parents to send their children to regular formal schools. Mobilize community on “Right to Free and compulsory Education Act 2009” . Evaluate learning ability, prepare the children and enroll them to local Govt or Govt aided schools. Monitor the attendance of the child in schools for 3 to 6 months.

Asha Kiran Childrens: The Child is between age group 7 to 14 years Child who has never been to school. Child who is not attending school but nominally enrolled, irregular or absent for more than 45 days without informing the school. 480 children main streamed to Govt. School which drop-out from School.

Adarsh IT Gyan Kendra, Salumber offers high quality and low cost IT literacy program which offers a novel curriculum, excellent study material and learning management system in both local Hindi language and English. A state-of-the-art delivery mechanism leads to State University governed Examination and Certification.


To empower citizens with fundamental understanding of Information Technology (I.T.) at affordable cost, acquiring essential skills to begin computing with confidence, be more productive at home and work and able to explore career opportunities globally.


Promoting IT Literacy in the region by conducting RS-CIT course. Now till 420 Youths participating in all future IT & ITES projects and supporting all endeavours of RKCL. Ensuring timely delivery of all deliverables to the learners. Time bound liasioning with and reporting to RKCL authorized representatives. Ensuring that any other course similar to RS-CIT is not offered at the IT-GK. Final authority of checking equivalence of other courses offered by IT-GK with RS-CIT is vested in RKCL. Ensuring and propagating ethical and fair business practices.

Adarsh Shiksha Samiti provides free computer training to underprivileged students. They are trained by experts of the field who also provide them practical training for hands-on experience. Expert trainers and volunteers make sure the students receive the best knowledge of computer.

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