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I’m happy to put before our well-wishers and supports, the Success story of Adarsh Shiksha Samiti in the year 2020 – 2021.

It had been a very eventful period for the organization. We continued our work in impacting the lives of marginalized groups, bait farmers, adolescents, women, children – all of those are most neglected in the area and where the need of our intervention most felt.

Adarsh has specialized on education,health,disabilities,livelihood security and rural development for drop-out children,women’s empowerment through self help groups and livelihood training among the poorest of the poor in the trible block of Southern Rajasthan. Adarsh strives to integrated children with disabilities(CWDs) into regular schools and be part of mainstream society .with the passage of time it has develop a wide network in the region and close relationship with the local community.Over the year’s Adarsh has been able to effectively liaise between the trible community ,government organisations and development agencies in order to seek solution to urgent livelihood,education,health,disabilities center and agriculture problem faced by trible.


Shashi Bhushan Sen

Chief Executive Officer

The organization started to help orphan kids who are mentally and physically challenged provide the disabled kids speech therapy ,physiotherapy and education Most of the children are disable orphans.a few poor parents bring their children come here for physiotherapy and speech therapy .In addition to education we provide health care service ,food, clothing and tool kit .We make sure the facility is hygienic .Adarsh will help disabled children equip themselves to deal with their day-to-day needs,thereby becoming independent and integrate into mainstream society without staying marginalized .

The percentage of school dropouts is extremely high in the area due to financial and economic condition of families lot of youth dropout from school and migrate to other states(Gujarat,Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh) for their livelihood in order to support their families .We mobilize support to save,protect and rebuild lives of the poorest of poor affected by crisis and humanitarian disasters.by putting right of marginalized at the heart of everything we do,we work to create a discrimination free India where everyone lives a life of dignity ,free from injustice an inequality .

Working with the deprived rural tribal people for more than 30 years now, we have come to realize that the process of globalization is perhaps more important and compulsive than the people or their needs, and perhaps even the state.

People continue to survive on the edge or even pushed further. Despite the several government assurances, despite the recent progressive law on Right to Employment, Tribal people still take to distress migration to places far off and unknown.

Every year when we reflect on our work and on what needs to be done we realize that we have only just begun, that we have a long way to go and many miles before we sleep.

We have only worked in this direction, in all our interventions we have tried to bring the debate on Globalization and its alternatives to the fore front of the public domain. We need your support as always.

I am sure that the readers would find the report very meaningful and readable.

Warm personal regards,

(Shashi Bhushan)

Secretary and C.E.O.

Adarsh Shiksha Samiti

Salumber, Udaipur, Rajasthan

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