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Udaipur, Rajasthan

Covid-19 Phase-I

Leadership role of Adarsh Org.’s Volunteers :

In the past few years, we have been working for empowerment of young girls, boys and women from both urban and rural areas. In the last eighty days, Youths, men & women and young girls from all the field areas have shown tremendous courage and leadership skills while carrying out the relief work. In both rural and urban areas, these volunteers are involved in front line work at the ground. These volunteers have identified the most vulnerable families and shared the list with local government officials and local political leaders to provide them with support on an urgent basis. Since there has been a curb in mobility because of the lockdown, they have handled all the on ground distribution of relief materials by connecting with the community members on the phone and even stepping out themselves to reach those on the streets.
The coordination activities on their level have shown great determination, problem-solving and negotiation skills. These young women and girls will continue to lead their fellow community members through these challenges in the coming months. They also prepared mask with their own effort and love. Canara Bank, Salumber has also supported us with some financial help as a CSR activity for FACE Masks under COVID-19.Adarsh Org. paid to as support @3 Rs per Face Mask to Skill Net Groups and SHGs in this crisis. Canara Bank, Local Merchants and Chemist also ordered to prepare Face Mask to Skill Net Groups.

Provision of cooked meals and dry ration

There have been significant gaps among most disadvantaged groups in accessing the ration or cooked food due to lack of information and restricted mobility during lockdown. The relief work started with identification of people who required food and monetary aid on an urgent basis. It was emphasised to identify the most marginalised groups like single woman, widow, disabled persons, and pregnant women from the field areas. While working on the relief work, we focused more on Dalit, Muslims and Tribal communities who are living at the margins. By 56 family members, was handed over to local authorities. With guidance and constant sharing of authentic information regarding food distribution and contact details of the entire concerned official in the Rajasthan Government, the teachers and community mobilizers were able to ensure that these families were able to get food. After initial few days of struggle with the administration and other local organizations, we were able to provide dry ration to almost 56 families and cooked meals to almost 12 individuals.  Adarsh Org. has facilitated provision of ration and financial aid by filling over 150 forms across the communities. So far, around 56 packets of food and ration have been distributed directly in these communities. In our field area, the coalition has reached 15 villages with Municipalities areas.
Apart from the ration, we are also ensuring that people who are not covered by the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana receive supply of cooking gas.Adarsh Org. has facilitated provision of ration and financial aid by filling over 150 forms across the communities. So far, 228 Dry Ration Kits have been distributed Door to Door directly in poor, marginal and migrant families with support by JIV DAYA Foundation,UK.

Facilitating people to avail monetary aid

Apart from rigorous follow- up with the families needing support on a priority basis, the team is also figuring out families who might need our support during the lockdown, to enable a better follow-up on issues in the community. As already witnessed, people are being harassed by their landlords and will inevitably face difficulties in earning their livelihoods even when the effects of the lock-down and social distancing subside. We are also helping people to get support under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana or Ujjwala Yojana.
Monitoring of rights and entitlements: The Fellows have also been an important point of contact for delivering cooked meals to the families in need. The teams have also facilitated the residents to reach the right schools and shelters where they could get meals. Other than this, we were constantly in touch with local authorities to act as mediators between the government and communities, ensuring that services and entitlements reach people, and their demands and complaints reach the authorities. In rural parts of Rajasthan, volunteers are closely working with the government and local body officials to provide correct information and services which the community members are entitled to.

Spreading awareness about COVID-19

After several rounds of initial discussions with our coalition members, we analysed the needs of the communities and took several initiatives to spread awareness about COVID-19 and basic precautions to be taken to contain the spread. This was done with the help of a medical team, local team members from the network. In some areas, our SHGs members distributed soaps supplies, demonstrated the proper way of hand washing and also clarified doubts and myths related to COVID-19. We have tell to motivate also use of Aarogya Setu App. for aware of Corona Virus In this Crisis.
Provisions of essential hygiene products: Our coalition network has been reaching out to different organizations for their support, in order to provide essential hygiene products in the communities. With the help of our coalition network, we have helped us in providing prevention kits to 100 volunteers in our field area of Udaipur (Rajasthan) to provide relief materials. We have been able to give sanitizers and masks to 50 SHGs. We are in the process to provide our entire on-ground team and the community members with protective masks and gloves. In some of the field areas, our coalition network members have made local masks and distributed them in their communities.

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