Since its inception in the year 1989 the NGO have covered a long distance of development process in its 26 years work. During this period the organization was able to bring in funds from different sources, which includes mainly the Government sector and Non-government organizations & Trusts. The following flow chart shows the Activity Profile of the Adarsh Shiksha Samiti:


The organization has a considerable strength of experienced human resource on its roll, people from different expertise are also recruited by the organization as and when the need arises to do so. There is a large number of “Trained volunteers” doing their selfless job in the field as well as in the management of the organization. Self-help groups formed and nurtured by the NGO have dedicated their efforts not only in the management of their groups but also by involving themselves in the implementation of field level activities of the organization. The involvement of local volunteers along with staff recruited by NGO makes an organization ‘people friendly organization’ which works for the people, with the people and thus achieves its desired goals.