Mobilize youth

    so that they can take up income generation activities.

    empower women

    towards their basic rights in the society.

    facilitate tribals

    to make them understand the importance of governance.


    The organization is committed to work towards the achievement of following objectives:

    • To promote health and nutritional behavior changes in the community with a special focus on vulnerable sections of the society. 

    • To mobilize youth and women groups for taking up income generation and micro credit activities. 

    • Sensitization of women and other vulnerable sections of the society towards their basic rights and equity in person. 

    • To facilitate the tribal particularly the women to understand the process and importance of local self-governance and enhancing their active participation.  

    • To plan and undertake development programmers on various issues such as agriculture, animal husbandry, health, social forestry, small scale and cottage industries, rural technology, drinking water, Sanitation and irrigation.  

    The above activities will be undertaken without a profit motive.


    As such, the unemployment problem of rural youth and women need to be addressed by equipping themselves with rural friendly technologies; through skill development and capacity building, so that they can get some gainful employment or start their own enterprises. Perhaps, such intervention may decisively help to pull them above poverty line. In this context Organize them in to self help Groups and their capacity building, the skill based vocational training ,is of immense value and assumes significance in bringing out revolutionary changes in socio-economic scenario of this tribal rural areas.

    A sincere effort in this direction would not only pave the way for economic rejuvenation but also create congenial social atmosphere for improved societal relationship and uplift the economy by blowing fresh breeze into rural life and the life of desperate youth and women.


    Monthly Meeting of Pashu Sakhi

    To regular follow-up and monitoring of each activity, monthly meeting for Pashu Sakhi have been organized. During these meeting, progress and perspectives have also discussed to evaluate the performance of each Pashu Sakhi.

    Women Education

    The Adarsh is also running a primary school in sariya village of Salumber block to achieve the highest level of literacy in tribal dominated area and providing quality education to poor children.

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